Safe Travels

I am reading about the Broomway, 

a dangerous stretch of medieval road

that dares courageous souls to trek 

when the high tide allows.  It is marked 

with warnings; death by drowning 

is a real consequence, and a nearby

cemetery in a place called Foulness

attests to the truth of this foreboding.  

If you dare a visit, mount

the Wakering Stairs and step

upon a path through the vast 

Black Grounds.  If you can see though 

the mist, you’ll glimpse tufts of eelgrass,

a sprinkling of cockle shells, and overhead,

the seabirds in silent flight as they scour 

for some sand dwelling fish.  

As much a I admire the desire to pilgrimage,

I think I will explore this stretch of creation 

from a distance, leave it to the few intrepid 

souls who seek the overwhelming silence 

of abandoned sand that waits

to be quenched by the returning ocean. 

As for me, I’m content 

to experience such wondrous places,  

whether desolate beach or darkened wood,

as a seasoned armchair traveler happily lost 

in page upon page of a well-written book.

—C.L. Fisher, May 2020

Inspiration for this meandering is Robert Macfarlane’s The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot, Kindle Version.

Unless otherwise indicated, all content, including writing and images, are the work of C.L. Fisher and may not be copied, used, or distributed without permission.

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