This Joy

This joy pushes at my skin,

leaves my heart fluttering 

in breathless wonder —

I am allowed to create;

so, may I write in humility, 

a beautiful lowliness, 

the recognition that I am 

a created being guarded 

by the Almighty,

shaped by His hands,

safe in His arms,

one through Jesus.

I am overwhelmed by art,

the gift of crafting beauty

that speaks of God’s

magnificence, reflecting

His creation in words

and images as others reflect

in sculptures, paintings, dance —

the emanations of our imitation

is a grace He reigns down

on us, the smile of a Father

accepting our attempts

to capture the joy

that He alone gives.

C.L. Fisher, August 2020

Unless otherwise indicated, all content, including writing and images, are the work of C.L. Fisher and may not be copied, used, or distributed without permission.

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