*A song in the night, oh my soul!  — Horatio Spafford

The house is so quiet,

you are still sleeping,

and I sit in the mumble—

traffic on the nearby loop,

the creaks and groans

of our house aging,

and the tapping of the keys

as I write.

I woke with many faces

in my mind from a string

of dreams, or maybe

it was all the same dream

cycling all night — a collage

of life difficulties like

snippets from a drama,

as if I were binging

the latest must-watch

series — and so upon waking

I began praying, those faces

still so clear in my memory

as I tried to understand

the pain of this life,

the struggle to be connected,

the losses, the illness,

the seasons of profound

change, and I found myself

reflecting on what was right

before me, stilled in a moment 


The house is so quiet,

you are still sleeping,

and I sit in the mumble

of life.

—C.L. Fisher, April 2021

*Original last line of It is Well with my Soul by Horatio Spafford.

Unless otherwise indicated, all content, including writing and images, are the work of C.L. Fisher and may not be copied, used, or distributed without permission.

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