Such Weariness

Exhaustion – used up, tired out, drained of strength, emptied of vitality

I have that kind of tired

that hangs like weights 

on my face, makes words 

slur from my lips,

muddies my mind in 

worries, so I close my eyes,

imagine I’m painting 

daisies, or touring a library,

or planning a garden,

until, finally, heavy-lidded, 

as the world slips away, 

I float past watercolors, 

books, butterflies, roses,

out an open window,

through tree tops

into the cloudy,

dreamy beyond

of sweet, sweet


Unless otherwise indicated, all writings and images are the work of C.L. Fisher and may not be copied, used, or distributed without permission.

—C.L. Fisher, July 2021

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