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The Stuff of Stars

An inkling of what makes art… 

a recognition of expression,

a vulnerable presentation of all

that is welling up inside.

Art should hold one’s attention

because a deeper truth resides

beyond a cursory glance —

meaning is not given without 

a commitment to wait, contemplate,

engage the image and all that lies

amid the textures, tints, words, lines, 

spaces, movements, shapes — 

there is music in sculpture, 

and a virtual landscape awaits 

us in every poem.

We soar when we attend 

the nuances in a voice; spaces 

and lines affect the resonances 

within the guitar riff or cello vibrato.

We watch a play only to follow

a dance of emotion as we understand

profound questions are posed

in the small change in an actor’s 

stance or slight wave of a hand.

Art is our outlet to reflect

our Creator; it is our soul’s

notion to push the boundaries

of reason, to fall into space 

and capture the essence, the infinite, 

the imagining of what exists

between stars.

—C.L. Fisher, March 2020

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