A Season

“Once we have tasted far streams, touched the gold, found some limit beyond the waterfall, a season changes and we come back changed but safe, quiet, grateful.” — William Stafford In the golden season, the grappling-gray of our waiting winter must soon begin. And we will refuse the bitter  gall that rises when spring leavesContinue reading “A Season”

The Holding Roots

The wizened branches of a leaf-barren tree matted thick with debris from years of standing in the ever-changing wind, keeping its mark between the long-faded gray grasses and a dark-cloud sky, and somehow I understood its post, waiting, fallow, strong but aged, a life-lived, but still some memories to come,  mature roots holding it inContinue reading “The Holding Roots”


The rays drift in,  finding enough  space to gather  together, form  an angle of light,  an island adrift  that leaves  the room cold  in comparison. ….I sit, adjacent, dimmed by sunset, but my soul travels  over, pools  with the huddled warmth, and imagines the sun rising… tomorrow. —C.L. Fisher, July 2021 Unless otherwise indicated, allContinue reading “Adrift”


Lines of wisdom descend  from the corner of my eyes to my temples, new gray strands extend from my roots, highlighting a maturing face, and I am content to see my father’s eyes, my mother’s slender jawline, and other family echos, inherited traits that combine to make this one unique and imperfect face, wrinkled, seasoned, wearing a sketch ofContinue reading “Reflection”

The Skins of Trees

That is why I can never stop praising you; I declare your glory all day long. And now, in my old age, don’t set me aside. Don’t abandon me when my strength is failing. — Psalm 71: 8-9 Layers of bark, broken,  cracked like skin, aged  by heat and wind.  These trees have lived  long,Continue reading “The Skins of Trees”