“Almost every person, from childhood, has been touched by the untamed beauty of wildflowers.” – Lady Bird Johnson I spent the day in a field  of wildflowers, underneath  a moody sky, lazing amid  sun-kissed petals, dazed  by dancing butterfly wings. —C.L. Fisher, January 2023 Unless otherwise indicated, all writings and images are the work ofContinue reading “Wildflowers”


“It is looking at things for a long time that ripens you and gives you a deeper meaning.” — Vincent Van Gogh Vincent saw swirling stars and moonlight  rolling like waves before resting  upon the inky mountains, and tonight  I see a line of trees just outside  my draped pane, and the passing light awakens myContinue reading “Shards”

Pondering Art

“Everybody born comes from the Creator trailing wisps of glory. We come from the Creator with creativity. I think that each one of us is born with creativity.” – Maya Angelou The certainty  of blue in the feathers of a peacock, emphasized by a triumph, of green, a stately sheen that whispers when light reachesContinue reading “Pondering Art”


I find myself in these  merging blues, in magenta blooms, in a wash of yellow, in green grasses and flower-flurried meadows, in the tiny feathers of a hummingbird. —C.L. Fisher, Dec. 2021 Unless otherwise indicated, all writings and images are the work of C.L. Fisher and may not be copied, used, or distributed without permission.

On Watercolor Faces

Choose a color, some hue  that speaks of your mood or reminiscent of a bloom you passed on an afternoon  walk, the fragrance and beauty still shading your mind and just begin the shape of an eye or lips, continue  until a person emerges, just enough of a face to satisfy, and allow  the watercolorsContinue reading “On Watercolor Faces”


…because when you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worth while…” ― L.M. Montgomery We have walked by this same corner along this same trek so many  times before, but today  it became whimsical when a little friend seemed to pause  and look back before  going up a winding staircase, and so our Continue reading “Imagine”

Soul Portrait

If God grant me any gift of creativity, may I be a willing-hearted artisan, giving that gift back, reflecting His glory, humbled by any part He allows in an expression of life. There is always something niggling to get out, some phrase, some scribble, some soul utterance that tells part of my story, reveals aContinue reading “Soul Portrait”