As Light Broke

My eyes lift to the center arch as light breaks through the caged lamp-tops Illuminating the cool,  smooth tiles above….  Moments before  I stepped into this historic cathedral, I learned that a friend had passed, walked into heaven just hours ago, and now I bow my head, imagine her like that light, her soul waking,Continue reading “As Light Broke”

Autumn’s Kiss

For everything there is a season,  a time for every activity under heaven. — Ecclesiastes 3:1, NLT The once long leaves have curled in; this sun seeking flower pulled up the covers and rolled down the shades, a weary bloom asleep in the gray haze of dawn, a certain sign that summer is settling back intoContinue reading “Autumn’s Kiss”

Open Invitation

I wonder what You  look like as You listen; I can never envision  a face; I just feel  a nudging presence,  a calmness, an open invitation  to speak or just listen.  In the dark night watches, those 3am  awakenings, I often imagine the sky  and ache to fall past  that expanse of deep blue intoContinue reading “Open Invitation”

Shimmering: A Fairy Tale

They saw a bow and cello under  a quaking aspen tree; curious,  they followed barefoot imprints down a garden path filled with bees  and butterflies amid pink, lavender,  and vibrant yellow wildflowers,  no petal or stem disturbed.  They continued to pursue her through  a winding forest track, a dense green thicket filled with fragrant violetsContinue reading “Shimmering: A Fairy Tale”