Be Still

Much as a bird  alights on a pillar  far from the shore and finds comfort in moonlight’s stillness,  I sit alone amid  Uncertainty’s ocean  held tightly by God’s  serene absoluteness. —C.L. Fisher, February 2023 Psalm 46 #the100dayproject, Day 2 Unless otherwise indicated, all writings and images are the work of C.L. Fisher and may notContinue reading “Be Still”

This Hope

Hope is the thing with feathers — Emily Dickinson Surrender to truth and hope will lift you up, carry all true promises, make light your burdens— in the darkest passages there is light when hope “perches in the soul.” —C.L. Fisher, November 2021 *The last line is also from Dickinson’s poem 314 Unless otherwise indicated, allContinue reading “This Hope”

Each Day

…that I might sing praises to you and not be silent. —Psalm 30:12 Letting loose gratitude, believing goodness exists,  recognizing we have gifts, good gifts that are worth celebrating, having faith in a hope that never fails… It is love, the messy, full  measure of love, the fruit and lasting truth of love  that encouragesContinue reading “Each Day”


…out of the mud and mire… — from Psalm 40:2 It begins —  that hint of light flashing  somewhere at the periphery,  but there even as I close  my eyes, the way you see  sparks after flash photography, and soon that faint  flicker becomes loud,  a sharp-edged row  of teeth and claws  biting and scratching me,Continue reading “Migraine”

Distant Light

…the evidence of things not seen. — Hebrews 11:1 I look long into the sky, peering into blue-gray clouds, straining to see past the nebulous,  thick layer into calm space, so wanting to see the flicker-lit night, the distant light that happened in the past, memory from another day, and I find on this nightContinue reading “Distant Light”

Fallow Nights

I know the wind is coming today — a prediction our weathermen inevitably get right even when they too often ready us for a rain that disappoints, but the wind, we West Texans know, will come.  This day will bring a northern gust, a cool turning to a colder rush, a reminder that winter stillContinue reading “Fallow Nights”