What We Say

“A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses.” – Anonymous Words shape  our moments as we move  from one conversation to the next,  inspiring or deflating,  so why do  we waste them or use them  as weapons? Speak peace that clings like a pleasant fragrance, inviting all within hearing toContinue reading “What We Say”

Kindness Sings

…Love kindness … and walk humbly — Micah 6:8 A smile of welcome, a hand offering help, ears willing to listen, a gentle nod  of encouragement— the way of freely extending grace— these simple acts of kindness declare so much more than  we could ever imagine, one small gesture leading to another, love building uponContinue reading “Kindness Sings”

And Next

I’m settling down after a day  of “and next,” end-of-year details,  the requirements of all lines filled and signatures on the dotted lines,  the uploads and figures, the necessary  accounting.  And I am so thankful  for the kindness of each soul who shared  my day, those who said,”Good morning,”  made me laugh, helped in someContinue reading “And Next”

My Morning To-Do List:

Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart.” — Proverbs 3:3, NLT Open a door for the one behind me; step aside and allow another in line; give a wave, a smile, a nod,  any kind acknowledgment  that someone’s life is relevant; Continue reading “My Morning To-Do List:”