A Beautiful Denouement

The last lingering hour before  bed, stars become twinkle  lights, a gentle wind dances  through the darkened leaves,  and you check the doors,  put the house to sleep,  one room and then the next, until you reach me, one candle left to extinguish, one last kiss, and we fall into dreams until  morning. —C.L. Fisher,Continue reading “A Beautiful Denouement”

Leaf Peeping

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me.” — Emily Bronte In that funny way  that some husbands have of teasing,  in which my husband  excels, today he calls  me a peeping leaf-er, so I laugh and say he means a leaf peeper, but he knows and winks, so I tell him that I’ll wear that title proudly, asContinue reading “Leaf Peeping”