Little Reminders

I walked past a sea  of yellow laughter, the joy tangible  enough to breathe, and I wished the whole world could gather these bright blooms,  push them deep  into pockets, a little sunshine to harken us back, just the way Zuzu’s treasured petals reminded George Bailey of his wonderful life. —C.L. Fisher, March 2021 UnlessContinue reading “Little Reminders”

Half-circle Sundays

On Sunday mornings she made blueberry muffins. My job was to rinse the  blue jewels, pour them in, and she would fold them so carefully. I made some this last  Sunday, rinsing and carefully folding, but  just before pouring the batter into the tin, I added some lemon juice, a whim, really, slid them intoContinue reading “Half-circle Sundays”


The concentration of lights  made the darkness louder, crescendoing in shadows on each side.  I focused on one image, the loneliest  of the ornaments, hanging by itself, a story that I know and hold deeper than my other  memories… tucked, safe, covered in layers of love, a remembrance that remains  secluded, nestled in my  mommy-heart.Continue reading “Remembrance”


“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop Too few are the days of layered-leaves,  those nippy fall afternoons we wander  under the golden boughs full of blazing  foliage that beseeches us to linger in the fading light, cozy under our scarves and mittens and filled with expectancy for theContinue reading “Change”

Two Together

I got lost in a moment, watching you hook a worn but treasured ornament on our little Christmas tree. I fell into thoughts of all  the holidays we have been  a family of two, together in this home. I let myself  imagine those pajama-clad  children padding toward us on Christmas morning, those little ones weContinue reading “Two Together”

Bright Air & Ashes

It catches me sometimes when I’m unaware, when I  step out to feel the warmth on my face, to hear the birds, the bright air in full sun that tastes of dirt and light, like the earth after a blue-sky rain — the taste of childhood. That scent takes me to swings and trees, toContinue reading “Bright Air & Ashes”