In the Land of Daisies

“A child is a curly, dimpled lunatic.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. I remember June  afternoons when I was five, I would stretch out on cool grass, imagine myself  a giant waking  in a land of slim, green people wearing bright,  funny hats — oh, those long & glorious days of childhood. —C.L. Fisher, April 2022Continue reading “In the Land of Daisies”


“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” — Langston Hughes The thunder started and I hurried outside  hoping for those plodding drops that begin  before the full shower arrives — they landed, tiny, clear miracles kissing a welcoming earth, and theContinue reading “Rain”

When We Were New

“The soul is healed by being with children.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky When we were new, so young,  and the world a beautiful mystery,  when an empty suburban lot  became an open prairie, when the water running alongside the curb seemed a mighty river, when a backyard swing took us on grand adventures, when afternoons wereContinue reading “When We Were New”

What Lingers II

Besides the Autumn poets sing, a few prosaic days, a little this side of the snow, and that side of the Haze.” ― Emily Dickinson Memories are in every changing season — the first snow of winter, the sweet breezes  of warm spring days, the bright-heat of summer, and fall’s first lingering haze. —C.L. Fisher,Continue reading “What Lingers II”

What Lingers

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. — James M. Barrie Memories can attach  to a cello note, cling to walls, reside in the folds of a loved one’s clothes, or embed into a flower’s essence, time suspended in a rose. —C.L. Fisher, October 2021 Unless otherwise indicated, all writingsContinue reading “What Lingers”

A Lush Life

Let the fields and their crops burst out with joy! — Psalm 96:12 A smear and dab of yellow wash begins my practice — no theme, no subject, just memory of blooms and whimsy with shape and color, and I find a stillness and peace as I fill my brush with hued water, contemplating life,Continue reading “A Lush Life”

A World in Wishes

Winds move through, parts of me leave, caught and dispersed as I watch, sun glinting on bright tips, my eyes straining as the sun sets, the delicate strands held  aloft before a current carries each to the far  place of memory. —C.L. Fisher, July 2021 Unless otherwise indicated, all writings and images are the workContinue reading “A World in Wishes”


Remember when  summer tasted like fresh grass blades, the kind you chewed  as you walked, face up to gather the sun, when late afternoon held the aroma of rain, and watermelon was salted and eaten on a tailgate, when June felt  like freedom, freewheeling  down the sidewalk on your bike or skipping  your Lemon Twister,Continue reading “Carefree”

Awaiting Dreams

She waits for dreams, closing her eyes and attending as her mind replays the day, releasing a long sigh as images with snippets of conversations slowly roll by, and then she prays over faces she remembers, settles her heart just as waves of weariness carry her into a heavy desire for sleep, so she relaxesContinue reading “Awaiting Dreams”