Praise Him, sun and moon; Praise Him, all you stars of light—Psalm 148:3 What twilight, what pre-dawn, what in between- lilac dream will I find, if I am still and willing to linger long, in the meeting space of moon and sun? —C.L. Fisher, March 2022 Unless otherwise indicated, all writings and images are theContinue reading “Luminescence”


The sun hangs on long in the evening, slow to nestle under cover of the horizon, reminding me that summer nights are coming, s’mores and starlight, fireflies and cricket song, and several “just-a-few-more” minutes with you in the silver path of a summer moon swooning in the comfort of our settled love. —C.L. Fisher, MarchContinue reading “Swooning”


I consider the moon, the gray moon luminous, the yellow moon joyous, the full moon voluminous, the blue moon harmonious, each phase full of expectations  that this beautiful creation offers poetry in the most  wondrous ways.   The moon is a miracle, a reminder of a God  of imagination, a renderer of art, a passionateContinue reading “Luminous”