Entering Dawn

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” — African Proverb I rise quietly, slip my robe across  my shoulders and leave you sleeping,  make my way to the kitchen,  peek out of the small window,  allow my eyes to adjust and focus  on the silhouette of trees standing  still in the last of theContinue reading “Entering Dawn”

Moonbeams before Dreams

We sit in such peaceful  companionship, silently  admiring the slipper moon,  the glow above the trees  like candlelight as we lift  our eyes to the lunar-hues. Wide awake, too enthralled to go inside, we linger in an expectant wait  like children on the night before Christmas so willing to go without sleep. —C.L. Fisher, OctoberContinue reading “Moonbeams before Dreams”

Where Did the Slow Go?

Why is this October almost over? I’ve just begun to sink into this falling month, when sunset comes with dinner, when the moon beckons us to look up and look far, when the wind  turns in from the north, whispers stories  through leaves, when life is supposed  to slow, allow us to gather up parts Continue reading “Where Did the Slow Go?”

Twilight Blossoming

Periwinkle blooms were a welcome surprise on my morning walk; this shade between a deep iris  and cornflower blue Is so calming,  like twilight blossoming.  I’d like a scarf made from these petals,  a silken-coolness against my skin, the softening hue of evening draped  over my shoulders as I watch the moon’s first shower ofContinue reading “Twilight Blossoming”

Shimmering: A Fairy Tale

They saw a bow and cello under  a quaking aspen tree; curious,  they followed barefoot imprints down a garden path filled with bees  and butterflies amid pink, lavender,  and vibrant yellow wildflowers,  no petal or stem disturbed.  They continued to pursue her through  a winding forest track, a dense green thicket filled with fragrant violetsContinue reading “Shimmering: A Fairy Tale”


I’ve found such comfort sitting  amid blooms, listening to katydids,  following the sweet beat of butterfly  wings and the humble patience  of a pollen-collecting bee.   I’ve wondered at the industry  of ants lifting many times  their body weight, again and again, along the stone path winding through my little patch of Eden.  I askContinue reading “Awakening”

The Artist

A moonbeam rides along the angled roof and sits in the hollows under eaves outside my window as I consider starlight in drifts, like mist blown on ink. The blue haloed Venus has light distilled to white and then diffused into a translucence of beautiful gauze. Moon, stars, all glorious on God’s obsidian canvas, andContinue reading “The Artist”