The Holding Roots

The wizened branches of a leaf-barren tree matted thick with debris from years of standing in the ever-changing wind, keeping its mark between the long-faded gray grasses and a dark-cloud sky, and somehow I understood its post, waiting, fallow, strong but aged, a life-lived, but still some memories to come,  mature roots holding it inContinue reading “The Holding Roots”

Gathering Gold

The hum of bees is the voice of the garden. —Elizabeth Lawrence Shake loose the plenty, harvest the honey-making hoard,  and dance with your translucent wings as you gather the last of summer’s gold,  soon you will hive-laze together,  droning dreams of all the treasure  you have stored. —C.L. Fisher, December 2021 Unless otherwise indicated,Continue reading “Gathering Gold”

Shake Loose the Frail Branches

The little reeds bowed low and sang a mournful song,…bending to the force of the wind. — Aesop They warn the winds will rage fierce today,  warm winds, tall winds, wild west-southwesterly  winds that will shudder our homes, shake loose the frail branches, scatter dandelions and tumbleweeds, and such winds bring a disquiet, an unsettlingContinue reading “Shake Loose the Frail Branches”


Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before…. — Ecclesiastes 3:15 What adornment does nature need? None other than the elemental realness of soil, water, nutrients — the truth of a fallen leaf, the honesty of split bark, the epiphany of scattered petals — all becoming a denouement of autumn, aContinue reading “Denouement”


 There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven— Ecclesiastes 3:1, AMP A season ends — a childhood, an education, a honeymoon, our working life– we begin with a birth, leave with death, and in-between live so many seasons, encounter those life circumstances that change us, hallmarkContinue reading “Alterations”

A Welcome Surrender

I turned and saw this tree sprawled  against a clouded sky, a stark contrast of autumnal browns against the vibrant blue and white — when I let myself really see the beauty in this world, each moment becomes vital and humbling, the leaves in the final stage before falling, re-turning into the soil, the sunContinue reading “A Welcome Surrender”


“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop Too few are the days of layered-leaves,  those nippy fall afternoons we wander  under the golden boughs full of blazing  foliage that beseeches us to linger in the fading light, cozy under our scarves and mittens and filled with expectancy for theContinue reading “Change”


I am thankful  for gentle  assurances, moments  of stillness,  unexpected  displays  of kindness,  early mornings  in quiet reflection,  moonbeams  before sleeping,  lavender skies that break  into sunrise,  bird song  at dawn,  the laughter  of children,  the changes  of season,  the cover  of trees,  the scent  of a rose,  the simplest  gifts are our  greatest rewards.Continue reading “Thankful”

Where Did the Slow Go?

Why is this October almost over? I’ve just begun to sink into this falling month, when sunset comes with dinner, when the moon beckons us to look up and look far, when the wind  turns in from the north, whispers stories  through leaves, when life is supposed  to slow, allow us to gather up parts Continue reading “Where Did the Slow Go?”