Beauty in Brambles

We forget that amid the thorns, throughout the thick briar patch, along with the weeds and thatch, in hard granite and under stones, even in the bogs and hidden deep in swamps, there is always, always beauty in the brambles, if we are willing to look. —C.L. Fisher, July 2020 Unless otherwise indicated, all content,Continue reading “Beauty in Brambles”


The clear water strokes over,  colors the stream like a live  painting, the water a brush  moving over stones in tones of amber, sage, citrine —  some covered in shades  of green moss below fish gliding over, glinting like quicksilver, swimming over earthen shaded pebbles  –raw sienna to  burnt umber —  peaceful mosaics under theContinue reading “Mosaic”

Stone Pillows

I have slept on stone pillows in nights of vivid dreams amid hours of wakefulness and You there listening, whispering; we wrestled, too, and I think a joint displaced would be fair exchange for a blessing in these weeping hours of deep introspection. That is the nature of this struggle — an inward look thatContinue reading “Stone Pillows”