Diffusing Beauty

Maybe flowers weep, heaving sadness up through the stem and down the tender leaves, distilling living beauty into  the vapor of perfume so that at least  their scent  will be carried into a world too busy to slow into an awareness that beauty lives  everywhere. —C.L. Fisher, March 2021 Unless otherwise indicated, all content, including writingContinue reading “Diffusing Beauty”

Expressions of Time

“Forever — is composed of Nows —”     —Emily Dickinson Time was created by God Who lives outside of our linear existence — take a moment and imagine eternity: no beginning, no end, no minutes or hours, no way of clocking, no pace of before or after — just existence unframed. We can’t comprehendContinue reading “Expressions of Time”

My Away

I couldn’t capture it before my commute,  as the morning’s minutes ticked me to late;  I wanted to bundle up the leftovers from a few years ago, some squandered or unwanted from another day, but time  cannot be kept like a savings account.   It swept me past noon, and as so many  days before,Continue reading “My Away”