20 Degrees at 5 am

“Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.” — Anne Bradstreet Cold mornings call for hot chocolate, candle-glow, a cozy robe, a favorite book, and warm memories. —C.L. Fisher, February 2022 Unless otherwise indicated, all writings and images are the work of C.L. Fisher and may not be copied, used, or distributed withoutContinue reading “20 Degrees at 5 am”

Winter Trees 

The leaves gone and the bark. As if a man stood, stark, Till all had fallen away… — W.D Snodgrass We are bound to seasons, stitched within the movement  of time, we, like the trees, must stand stark in the breath of February, waiting for a new coat of green. —C.L. Fisher, February 2022 UnlessContinue reading “Winter Trees “

A Hushing Fall

“A few feathery flakes are scattered widely through the air…whirled again aloft into remote regions of the atmosphere.” ― Nathaniel Hawthorne The soft silence of snow, the morning’s crisp cold, the hushing fall of so many tiny, crystal worlds cocooning us into a long-needed pause, and I welcome the suspended calm. —C.L. Fisher, February 2022Continue reading “A Hushing Fall”

Possibility of Snow

“Despite all I have seen and experienced, I still get the same simple thrill out of glimpsing a tiny patch of snow.” — Edmund Hillary Anticipating the cold, knowing that sharp drop and freezing wind might bring snow, and while my heart longs for the warmth and light of spring, I think it might beContinue reading “Possibility of Snow”


…when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it; the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.” — Andrew Wyeth Too soon this bloom  broke through the fallow  ground, the beckoning sun  teasing an early spring, soaking the soil with warmth,  but winter willContinue reading “Passages”

Thin Air

“At this season of the year, darkness is a more insistent thing than cold. The days are short as any dream.” — E.B. White We wear the gray  of winter like a heavy coat, the long “a”  even sounds weighted  and tired, but January  exhales a thin air  after autumn’s bluster  thins the trees,  earth’sContinue reading “Thin Air”

Trees of Winter

Missing the green, I’ve become part  of the monotone gray, silhouetted against a cloudy sky, my arms stretched, seeking the warmth of a distant sun, cold and weary  as I wait for spring, walking among the leafless trees of winter. —C.L.Fisher, January 2022 Unless otherwise indicated, all writings and images are the work of C.L.Continue reading “Trees of Winter”