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The Garden

My hands reach in deep, kneading soil, down and over, loosening the ground, willing it to accept an offering that waits in plastic, an inferior home for roots that long to grow, stretch into the rich humus  that He used to form all life. What a privilege to be a tiller, a keeper of thisContinue reading “The Garden”

Little Steward

We talked this afternoon of worlds/ That herd within the sky;/ Of all the majesty and reach/ Of stellar space, till I/ Was grateful to the ladybug/ That crawled across my dress,/ Just for its foolish speckled back,/ And for its littleness. ~Ethel A. Turner, 1921 She scurried up  the side of a leaf, pausedContinue reading “Little Steward”


I still carry the lies she told me as I dressed her in fashion clothes so many years ago, her perfect hair, her tiny waist, her never- changing body that could wear anything, her plastic smile, her perfect life, an unattainable beauty we see today in cropped, filtered, altered images that continue the lie thatContinue reading “Whispers”

“Night hath its songs;…hear the spheres as they chant praises which are loud to the heart, though they be silent to the ear, — the praises of the mighty God, who…moves the stars in their courses.”

— Charles Spurgeon

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