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Standing Under Trees II

“I took a walk in the woods and left taller than the trees.” — Henry David Thoreau Sometimes standing under trees is the only way I can breathe deeply enough to relax, to calm myself into remembering what I am — this steady pacing, a day to day reckoning of the joys  and consequences ofContinue reading “Standing Under Trees II”

Before Blooming

Before the bloom there must be  gentle care, a tending to ensure  the heart imbibes nutrients  for strength and growth. There must be life-giving light, the rays from sun to filter through and provide what is necessary to thrive.  The roots need room to push through and find home deep within the soil, far enoughContinue reading “Before Blooming”

Just Walk

I just want us to walk and keep  walking; we’ll pause long enough to touch the velvet petals of sweet  roses we pass, enjoy the shade as we listen to any breeze through quaking aspen branches.  We’ll amble past open  fields, trudge the mud along river beds, saunter upon warm sandy beaches  as we delightContinue reading “Just Walk”

“Night hath its songs;…hear the spheres as they chant praises which are loud to the heart, though they be silent to the ear, — the praises of the mighty God, who…moves the stars in their courses.”

— Charles Spurgeon

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