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“I must confess that I think it a most right and excellent thing that you and I should rejoice in the natural creation of God.” — Charles Spurgeon Just be in a moment with no agenda,  no must-do list,  no conjecturing or rehashing  of the day’s events, still, attuned,  recognizing life in the beating ofContinue reading “Affirmation”


The deep dimple in the chin, the curve of a lip, the dark lashes that offset the eyes, the angle of a nose and cheekbones — it is remarkable how a few variations make for so many individual faces, that and an ineffable quality that each soul adds — faces are simply  a marvelous workContinue reading “Faces”


I stepped out for a moment  of light and air, a few minutes under sun with God’s good earth under my feet and the far- reaching sky above, a little  time to be as so many have stood, a created being joyfully understanding there is a God, and He loves me immeasurably, and that isContinue reading “Immeasurably”

“Night hath its songs;…hear the spheres as they chant praises which are loud to the heart, though they be silent to the ear, — the praises of the mighty God, who…moves the stars in their courses.”

— Charles Spurgeon

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